What do you use a ground drill for?

16 Feb 2024
Waarvoor gebruik je een grondboor

What do you use a ground drill for?

An earth auger with a petrol engine makes the heavy work of digging a planting hole or making a pile foundation for a fence, garden house or carport easier. Also when making drainage holes, placing tree posts, fencing or taking soil samples.

Depending on the job, you choose the auger that suits you. The light single-person soil auger BT 45 is useful for planting holes, for example, but can also be used as a wood auger. If you garden on heavy soil, the professional soil auger BT 131 (with Quickstop drill brake for extra safety) or the powerful two-man soil auger BT 360 offers a solution. As Stihl experts, we have the right drill for every type of soil and every job.

The plant hole drills, wood drills and crumblers can be completely adapted to your job with accessories. The drills have a length of 360 to 870 mm and a diameter of up to 400 mm. Some can be extended with one or two extensions. With the Stihl BT 131 you can drill at a depth of about 1.2 m with 1 extension, and with the Stihl BT 360 at 1.7 m!

Vertical drainage promotes drainage in the garden. Drill deep holes where rainwater collects. Fill the holes with gravel or coarse sand. If the surface is impermeable, drill through it so that the water can escape through the surface.

Planting or transplanting is done in October-December. A soil auger is good for deep planting holes, such as in a hedge. In autumn it is still quite warm and humid, so that the hedge plants take root quickly. The sap flow of deciduous plants then comes to a standstill, making them easy to transplant. The holes should be about twice as deep and wide as the root ball.

Always work safely when using an earth auger. Wear safety clothing, goggles and sturdy boots. Make sure you have control over the machine. We at Kraakman Garden Machines are happy to advise you on how to deal with the machine of your choice.

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