Scarify your garden or lawn. What is it, what is the best way to proceed and which machine can you choose?

16 Feb 2024
Verticuteren van je tuin of gazon. Wat is het, hoe ga je het beste te werk en welke machine kan je kiezen?

Scarify your garden or lawn.

Scarifying the lawn, you've probably heard, seen or done it.
We are happy to explain exactly what it means and when the right time is for this.

What is verticutting actually?

Verticutting is the removal of the thatch layer, which consists of moss or excess clippings. A thatch layer of excess clippings is created by mulching your lawn where the grass has actually been too long for mulching.

A scarifier cuts open your lawn, loosening the felt layer and providing more sun and oxygen to the grass.

With more sun and oxygen you get a more beautiful green and a healthier lawn in the spring / summer.

When to scarify?

Aerating is usually done in spring and/or autumn, we can aerate the lawn all year round.

If the lawn is located on a sandy soil, it is best to scarify it in the spring, if the lawn is located on a clay - peaty soil, then scarify again in the autumn and sprinkle extra lime on your lawn again.

How do you scarify?

You can scarify with a scarifier rake, but it is of course easier and more accurate with a scarifier.


At Kraakman Garden Machines we have battery, electric or petrol scarifiers, depending on the size of your lawn and wishes.

Type Scarifier Lawn format


Battery scarifier Small Medium Large Battery
Electric scarifier Small Medium Large Current
Petrol scarifier Big Petrol

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