The right way to trim your hedge

16 Feb 2024
De juiste manier om je heg te snoeien

It is necessary to choose a suitable machine to maintain and trim your hedges and shrubs. The professionals at Kraakman Tuinmachines are ready to advise you.

So at the end of May, early June it is time to prune fast-growing hedges. Examples of these hedges are the privet, beech, hornbeam, cherry laurel and conifers such as yew. You can now also prune the boxwood into shape. It is recommended to do this before the longest day, June 21. In September-October it is time to prune again.

A well-maintained garden often has perfectly trimmed hedges or boxwood trees. It takes some work to keep it in shape, but the result is more than worth all that effort. In our collection hedge trimmers we have the perfect tool for every challenge.

To keep medium-height hedges in good shape, it is necessary to prune them several times a year. This is best done in spring (for the longest day) and autumn (September or October). Densely vegetated hedges and trees are especially suitable for ornamental hedges in 'shape pruning' and 'shape growth'.

Prune high hedges safely
Like all hedges, you also need to prune tall hedges to keep them in shape. Due to the height, this can quickly become a dangerous job. That is why it is important to work safely. For example, use a hedge trimmer on a handle. This allows you to tackle even the highest hedge in a safe and efficient way.

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